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AccountsRegular SavingsChristmas ClubChild SavingsIRA Savings
Available for Personal or Business Yes Yes Personal Only Personal Only
Opening Deposit $100 Set by Deposit Election $25 $100

Interest Bearing

See Current Rates

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Maintenance Fee

Imposed every statement cycle

$10.00 may apply if the average daily collected Balance falls below $50 $10.00 may apply if the average daily balance falls below $25 N/A N/A
Per Transaction Fees** $2.00 per transaction in excess of 4 $2.00 per transaction $2.00 per transaction in excess of 2 $25.00 per each transaction 
Overdraft or NSF Fee, each item $30 $30 $30 $30
Bonus No If all deposit requirements are met and you have no withdrawals you will receive a $10.00 gift as a deposit on the last week. *** No No

** Transaction is defined as any withdrawal, check paid, automatic transfer or payment out of this account.
***Weekly deposits via ACH, Auto or Manual Deposit required unless other arrangements are made. If withdrawals or lack of weekly deposits occur during the account cycle, the last deposit to be made by the bank of up to $10.00 will be forfeited. If an account is opened after the November date, the customer will need to deposit the weeks that were missed in order to qualify for the bank bonus deposit. After you last deposit, the bank will issue a check to you totaling the balance in your account. ATM transactions and ACH withdrawals are not allowed on this type of account.

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